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Assembly Times:

  • Sunday Classes - 9:30a
  • Sunday Assembly - 10:30a
  • Wednesday Classes - 6:30p






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Servant leaders

(updated 2020)





Dennis Connelly

Ministry lead for the Assemblies Ministry.

David Cunningham

Deacon and ministry lead for the Information Systems Ministry.

Matt Mitchell

Deacon and ministry lead for the Facilities Ministry.



Mark Pratt


Kevin Reaves

Elder and ministry lead for the Youth Ministry.

Walt Scarbrough

Deacon and Finance Director.

Mike Travaglini

Deacon and Ministry lead for the Finance Ministry.

Paul VanOver

Deacon and ministry lead for the Missions ministry.

Other Ministry Leads

Erin Dodd

Co-lead for the Education and Involvement ministries.

Levi Dodd

Lead for Youth and Family Ministry.

David Morgan

Deacon/lead for Small Groups, Fellowship, Helping Hands ministries.

Stacy Myers

Co-lead for the Education Ministry.

Becky Scarbrough

Lead for the Special Services Ministry

David Wallace

Lead for the Benevolence Ministry