Curtis McClaneopening slide

March 12, 2017 - Sunday Morning Adult Class


John the Baptist has been called a “harbinger” or “herald” of the Messiah, and indeed that was his role in relationship to Jesus. Curtis pointed out to us that the notion of preaching and teaching is NOT dependent on the place/time it occurs, but on the meaning/message contained. John did his teaching out in the wilderness near the Jordan river and near Jerusalem. What does the Bible tell us about the definition of preaching as opposed to teaching? The term preaching is used when the message centers on the good news of the kingdom, while the term teaching is reserved for ethical living and guidelines. Matthew 10:7, sometimes known as the “limited commission”, contains Jesus’ mission given to the 12 apostles to go and heal, and to freely give. This latter phrase contains the very definition of kingdom living. In Matthew 10:27, they are told to herald or proclaim the good news and not to be afraid of a person who could take their life, but to go boldly up to the rooftops and ignore all opposition. The message includes the concept of repentance, meaning that I must give up my own will and take on Christ’s will instead.