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    May 28, 2017- Sunday Morning Sermon
    • Series - Encouragement
    • Sermon - Encouraged in this Fight Together! (Philippians 1:27-30)
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    Summary: Text: Philippians 1:27-30. As the people of God, we face the same struggles and fight the same battles. The phrase “whatever happens” is rich with implications. Paul is not a fatalist or depressed writer, but rather a calm believer accepting of circumstances. He could recognize that God can work through anything. Romans 8:28 is not a promise that nothing bad will ever happen, but that He will work through those things for the ultimate good.

    We are responsible for our conduct in life--our behavior. In Acts 23:1, Paul uses a metaphor of a soldier whose behavior reflects on others. We should live “worthily of the gospel”. Our oneness will be a sign to the people of the world. We are in this thing called “life” together. We struggle/fight beside each another for the kingdom of God. Satan is never happy when God’s people fight together on the same side for the faith of the gospel!