Curtis McClaneopening slide

June 14, 2017 - Wednesday Adult Class

Summary: The Barnabas Factor Lesson 1 – This is the beginning of the summer series on encouragement (this year’s theme). The Bible gives us commands to encourage each other. Moses encouraged his protégé, Joshua. Hezekiah spoke to the discouraged. Deborah (a Judge) wrote/sang a song filled with encouragement. Prophets like Elijah and Elisha both needed encouragement and provided it. The psalmists encouraged God’s people. The apostles encouraged disciples. In 2017, we certainly need encouragement as we watch the evening news and watch people searching for meaning and happiness. Discouragement comes from many sources, even (at times) in our view of the kingdom of God. One of the book’s concepts is called “Human Magnets”. People need encouragement whether it is for problems or celebrations. That means they need encouragers! What makes encouragers so attractive? They listen, and several other key factors that Curtis goes over in the lesson