Curtis McClaneOpening sermon slide

    June 18, 2017- Sunday Morning Sermon


    Summary: Paul’s letter tells us details on having the mind of Christ. He lists some conditions: that we are (1) encouraged by one another continuously both individually and communally; (2) we receive/give the comfort of love; and (3) we enjoy the fellowship of the Spirit. Having the mind of Christ means we are focused on heavenly things—citizenship in heaven! This doesn’t mean we are in “total agreement or lock-step opinions,” but that we are on the same page, approaching conflicts and disagreements in a godly manner. It also means we have joy in Christ, regardless of our circumstances. We are to work without seeking vainglory. Curtis gives an example from history of the trial of Polycarp for his belief. This phrase “vainglory” is used here. It means total self-interest, empty of merit. We must be concerned with “the things of others”—a term meaning generally “whatever is going on.”