Curtis McClaneOpening sermon slide

    August 20, 2017- Sunday Morning Sermon


    SUMMARY: Curtis read the text and then told a story about visiting a man who had experienced more than the usual hardships of life yet always seemed content. In the visit, they sat outside in the heat of a summer day, and Curtis observed a butterfly light on the man’s shoulder. The butterfly became a symbol of contentment that comes, not from chasing it, but from being still and allowing peace to comes in its own time. The Apostle Paul urged us to feel contentment no matter what our circumstances may be. Many times Paul was attacked or weathered difficulties such as shipwrecks. Despite these hardships, Paul remained content in God. Steps to promote contentment include: 1. Give up control of the outcome 2. Relinquish self-centered possessiveness 3. Appreciate others for who they are 4. Stop trying to impress others 5. Empty yourself to allow God’s presence 6. Accept what is happening in your life as a gift 7. Don’t make drama for others because of your troubles Curtis ends the lesson with a list of things that create discontentment.