Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa - The Spanns


Highland View is the home congregation and one of the sponsors for the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) team of Kevin and Tasha Spann, along with their children Adah and Solomon.


The Spanns are currently assigned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).



The Spann Family's Reports and Newsletters

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Mission Preparation


The Spanns work with an organization called Mission Aviation Fellowship, a not-for-profit organization based in Idaho. You can find out all about MAF on their website at MAF provided all the language training for the family (DRC is a French-speaking country) and the extensive flight instruction, airplane maintenance training, and missionary-life education required for a successful mission. Highland View supports Kevin through the MAF organization, which manages all the contributions and oversight of the work. You can support them through your regular contributions to our congregation or directly through MAF's online donation program which allows you to become their sponsors through contributions online or by mail-in check.

An MAF Video: MAF--Beginnings

Kevin posted a video of his drills during the ongoing training while he learns to fly "the MAF way." Click on the picture to go to the YouTube video, which will open in a separate window or tab.

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Kevin, Tasha, and Adah send their goodbyes to us just before leaving for Africa. Pictured: Adah Spann (age 1) moving into their first assignment: Kinshasa, DRC, Africa.


Bibles for Airport Workers and Others in Kinshasa - 2015

Kevin and Tasha discovered a need for Bibles as they passed through the Airport they use for international travel. When Kevin's parents (and our beloved members) Mark and Debby Spann visited there late Summer 2015, they delivered many Bibles thanks to the generous contributions from our Highland View church family!.

How To Contact the Spanns in Africa.

Guess what? Kinshasa (where the Spanns live in the DRC) doesn't get physical mail! They are able to stay in touch digitally (email, Skype calls, Facebook). But now, thanks to Nancy Hensley, there is an alternate way for you to send a card or letter in your own handwriting. Click here for instructions.

 You can also reach them online:

Nicaragua - Trip was 6/18-25/2016


Our group has returned from Nicaragua! Thank you for your prayers for their safety and for their influence on the people they went to teach. Included in the team were the following: Jenna Beckler, Jackie Cornett, Sydney Cornett, Lindsey Cornett, Levi Dodd, Patty Hart, Torey Kimber, Gabrielle Morgan, Amy Phillips, Nancy Prater, Kevin Reaves, Teresa Reaves, Abby Reaves, Sara Reaves, and Madison Taylor. Here they are leaving the airport. Levi Dodd gave a report and slideshow on the trip. To watch/listen, click HERE.


Nicaragua - Smile Boxes/2016

Join with us in creating SMILES! Click the photo for PDF instructions you can download.