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Glorious Light

.Written by our pulpit minister Curtis McClane, the Glorious Light blog describes itself as containing ". . . [Curtis'] latest thoughts provided by Lumina Gloria, i.e., the eyes of my understanding being enlightened by God."


Seize Life Abundantly

Highland View's minister of Youth and Family, Levi Dodd, writes Seize Life Abundantly. The blog notes say, "This blog will share stories, insights, questions, and ideas for the body of believers of Jesus Christ."


Frazzled and Forgiven

Written by Highland View's Erin Dodd (Curriculum and Family Involvement Coordinator), Frazzled and Forgiven contains these descriptive words. "I am newly 30, have a new baby girl that is 2 months old and another daughter about to start kindergarten, a wife of a youth and family minister and I also work in ministry as the curriculum and involvement coordinator. Life is all changing fast around me at this point; so it seems fitting to perk up my ears and heart to see what God is teaching me in this new phase of life. My husband and I have been married 12 very fun years, and through many ups and downs we have learned life lesson after life lesson together....if you haven't already figured out the math we were married at 18, so the odds have always been against us yet God has always carried us. We have a wonderfully crazy life, love the church we serve, and our girls have one of the largest families possible. I felt called to write a blog from the standpoint of a young woman, mother, wife learning to love the imperfections in life because of the Grace God has extended me. My husband and I have the privilege of working with many ages and therefore find inspiration in many stories and encounters with others. So I hope this blog not only reminds me we aren't in this life alone but in it together and perfection is a lie....Grace is the truth."


Spann-ing the Globe

Highland View's missionary family, Kevin and Tasha Spann (plus kids Adah and Solomon), write the blog Spann-ing the Globe, sub-titled, "The story of our journey into the world of international missions."

Included in the family bio are these words. "Kevin and Tasha met in High School Band in 1997, began dating while in college during the summer of 2003 and were married in July of 2006. Through divine intervention, God directed their paths towards missions. After nearly three years of preparations, they were accepted as a Pilot Mechanic Missionary family with Mission Aviation Fellowship in July of 2011. Not long after a bundle of energy named Adah arrived May 2012. They have since completed their fund raising, French language school, and intensive technical training. They arrived in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo in October of 2013. After being in Kinshasa for a year, the family welcomed a second bundle of joy, Solomon in November 2014. They and are thrilled to be the wings of the Kingdom of God. "


Tom Haynes' Blog

.A long-time member at Highland View, Tom Haynes named his blog Landing Heron.. awkward beauty Cats, Photos,Jewelry,Jesus. And that's what his blog is about. He is a professional photographer and jeweler, and writes with love and joy about these and many other topics.


Ray Smith's Blog

Ray Smith is an elder at Highland View and a well-known historian with several published books on topics, especially related to the history of Oak Ridge TN. He is also an avid photography. Read his blog simply entitled smithdray, which is filled with photographs and writings, plus links to his other websites. Ray says, "Welcome to links to SmithDRay Web Pages and my primary blog. I am a writer, historian and photographer."