Links for Bible Study

Bible Gateway

Free, online Bible offered in many translations (versions) and languages. Includes search by topic, word or phrase, and Book chapter:verse. Also offers Bible dictionary, some commentaries. Available as mobile friendly resource for your smart phone.

Blue Letter Bible

Free, online Bible and extensive study tools. Available in multiple English translations (versions). Offers numerous online commentaries as free-standing references AND linked to individual Bible passages. Also has pictures, maps, charts, timelines, encyclopedia, dictionaries, and supports iPhone and iPad.


Free, downloadable digital Bible. This site will install a program onto your PC or Mac. The basic installation includes King James Version with Strong's concordance and dictionary. From there, you can add other versions and study tools, many are free and some are available for purchase. This makes a excellent off-line study tool. Also free to download are Scofield's Reference Notes, Vincent's Word Studies, maps, NASA satellite images of Bible places, study charts, timelines, and several multi-volume commentaries. Allows you to make your own study notes tied to passages, store or print out.

The Word

Free downloadable Bible in several versions compact enough to fit onto a USB drive. Lets you add your own notes, highlight passages. Also offers several free study tools such as Eerdmans Dictionary of the bible.

Worship and Study Tools

Online Hymnal

Search by title, author, topic to find hymns and spiritual songs. Many of the hymns include music and a brief history of the song's authorship and circumstances.

Bible Map

Excellent online resource, free to use. Enter a bible reference (book and chapter) and the text appears beside a satellite image of the geographical area covered by the Bible passage. Each place referenced in the scripture you are reading is linked to a color-coded pin on the map, allowing you to drill down for additional facts about the place. Amazing resource.

Right Now Media

ightNow Media’s mission is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. Highland View has a membership to this paid resource. Please see Levi Dodd for access.

Agape Bible Study

Free, non-denominational Bible study program offered onlline. Learn at your own pace.