If you have an internet connection and a browser, you can attend classes and worship assemblies!

All of our meetings, classes, and worship assemblies that take place in the auditorium of the church building are broadcast live over the internet (also called "webcasting"). We use a free service called ustream.tv (think YouTube, but for live events). In addition to streaming our live assemblies, all the videos from the past 30 days are also available on the ustream.tv site. After 30 days, ustream deletes the videos automatically. But most of the past videos since late 2009 are available to watch (or listen to) on our own website.

Link to the live ustream feed - when there is no event taking place live, you will see an "off air" slide show and links to webcasts from the past month.

For past recordings, click here to see our list of past classes and assemblies.

DISCLAIMER: Ustream is a free service much like Facebook and YouTube in that neither producers (like us) nor viewers pay for the webcasting. However, ustream is a for-profit company generating revenue through paid advertisements that appear on the pages and at the bottom of the video screen. Since we have no control over what ads are being placed on this site, please be understand that Highland View does not necessarily endorse the ads you may see on this site. (Try to ignore it). If you are a faithful watcher, and the advertisements are annoying, you can "subscribe to ustream for about $4/month. You can also view and/or listen to the assemblies by going to our Recordings tab. Assemblies are generally posted within a week of the live webcast, and often within the first day.


Ustream instructions

If you are a new user of the ustream service, CLICK HERE to read our document "Ustream How-To" for complete instructions and illustrations.

If you are with another congregation wishing to use ustream, go to the final section of the "Ustream How-To" document for webcasting information