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What Is a "Small Groups Ministry"?

Ideally, a small group is made 8 to 12 people who meet regularly in a home of a "Host" family. That host may be the small group's leader or may simply provide the meeting space, while another one or more individuals take on the role of leader (essentially the teacher or discussion guide). As Highland View began this ministry years ago, all the small groups were encouraged to study the same materials which were developed or purchased by Highland View so that every group would be learning and discussing the same topic. As the ministry matured, many groups decided to follow their own preferred area of study, and so today there is no central study theme. The goals of a small group are exactly the same as for the church as a whole - to worship God, to be His workers teaching and developing followers of Christ (making disciples), and to grow spiritually in fellowship and service.


How Does Highland View's Small Groups Ministry Work?

Small Groups is one of our 14 ministries, (click HERE to open that page in a new tab/window). Basically, the elders of the congregation worked with our members back in the late 1990s to find ways to assure deeper individual relationships within the congregation. One of the avenues churches around the country had begun to implement to address this need was to set up small groups to meet in homes or other places once a week for Bible study, worship, and to work to develop a deeper knowledge of and connection among the members.

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As with our other ministries, there is a Ministry Leader (currently vacant) as well as an overseeing elder (Johnny Moore) to provide guidance, encourage growth and participation within the membership of the congregation, and perform any administrative tasks that are required. Below, you can see the current roster of small groups, including the current topics of study for each group along with details of the small groups' schedules. Most groups meet sometime on Sunday, but there are some which meet on other days of the week. Some meet at the church facilities while others follow the more traditional practice of meeting in homes. A few groups have formed around special topics of interest (such as studying class Christian literature) or which are made up of specific characteristics of members (such as the Teen Small Group or the Women's Small Group).

Table of Current Small Groups

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